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fifteen billion six hundred and twenty-one million eight hundred and seventy-eight thousand nine hundred and thirty-five


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 Dwc-60a impact test cryogenic tank

Dwc-60a impact test cryogenic tank

Product brand: Impact test cryogenic tank, impact test cryometer

Classification: dwc-60a impact test low temperature tank

Impact test cryogenic tank, impact test cryometer and Charpy cryometer meet the requirements of low temperature device in GB / t229-2007 "metallic Charpy Notch Impact Test Method". The refrigeration technology of the imported cascade compressor is adopted, and the heat balance principle and circulating stirring mode are used to achieve the test

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Product introduction:
Dwc-60a impact test low temperature tank, the best meet the requirements of GB / t229-2007 "metallic materials Charpy pendulum impact test method" for cryogenic device. By using the refrigeration technology of imported cascade compressor, using the principle of heat balance and circulating stirring mode, the automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature of the sample can be achieved, and all the temperature control indexes specified in the national standard GB / t229-2007 can be fully met. Automatic temperature control, automatic time recording, automatic alarm, simple operation, safe and reliable, high efficiency, fast cooling speed, large volume, high temperature control accuracy, which can meet the requirements of most iron and steel enterprises for steel performance test under low temperature and ultra-low temperature. It is an ideal sample cooling and heat preservation equipment in low temperature impact test of metal materials. It can also be used for low temperature detection and other tests. According to the actual needs, the same series can choose - 30 ℃, - 60 ℃, - 80 ℃ and - 100 ℃ cryometers.
CDW-60 impact test cryogenic tank is widely used in metallurgy, boiler and pressure vessel, steel plate, steel pipe, wind power generation, hardware, metal, casting, pump, valve, solar energy, military industry, fastener, diesel engine, railway, shipping, machinery manufacturing, petroleum, automobile, chemical industry, aerospace, physical and chemical laboratory, scientific research and other departments.
Main technical parameters:
1. Temperature control range: + 30 ℃ ~ - 60 ℃ (room temperature ≤ 25 ℃)
2. Constant temperature accuracy: < ± 0.5 ℃
3. Cooling rate: + 30 ℃ ~ 0 ℃, about 2.0 ℃ / min
About 1.5 ℃ / min from 0 ℃ to - 20 ℃
About 1.0 ℃ / min from - 20 ℃ to - 40 ℃
About 0.7 ℃ / min from - 40 ℃ to - 60 ℃
4. Maximum dimension: 905 × 510 × 870mm
5. Effective working space: 268 × 158 × 150 mm
6. Number of specimens: 120 standard samples (impact sample size: 10 × 10 × 55mm)
7. Digital display timer: 1 min ~ 99 min, resolution 1 min
8. Cooling medium: ethanol or other non freezing liquid
9. Mixing motor: 16W
10. Working power supply: 220 V ~ 240 V, 50 Hz, 3 kW
11. Three sample baskets.
Standard configuration:
1. Main engine: one low temperature tank.
2. Imported compressor, cascade refrigeration technology, large cooling capacity and fast cooling.
3. High precision intelligent instrument, constant temperature stability, constant temperature accuracy: < ± 0.5 ℃. It can be set arbitrarily in the range of using temperature.
4. Equipped with low temperature tank, super large stainless steel low temperature box: 150 × 150 × 240mm, which can hold 60-120 samples.
5. Stainless steel liner is corrosion resistant and aging resistant
6. Three sample baskets.
7. The appearance design of cryogenic tank is beautiful and exquisite, and the operation is simple and convenient.
8. The metal shell is durable, with side air inlet and side exhaust, and good heat dissipation performance. With casters, it is more convenient to move.


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