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fifteen billion six hundred and twenty-one million eight hundred and seventy-eight thousand nine hundred and thirty-five


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Maintenance and operation steps of impact test cryogenic tank

Article source: Jinan HuiFu testing machine factory popularity: Time of publication: 15:59, March 14, 2018

HuiFu impact test cryogenic tank is a professional impact test low temperature and constant temperature instrument. It adopts advanced cascade refrigeration technology, imported compressors of global high-end commercial models, green environmental protection refrigerants, and parts matching with international brands. It provides high-quality and reliable impact test cryogenic tank for production enterprises, scientific research institutes and quality inspection departments. Because the impact test cryogenic tank is more precise than the general mechanical equipment, so the maintenance is particularly important. first The low temperature tank of impact test should be placed in a clean and dust-free place, with good ventilation and good heat dissipation effect. In addition, we must strictly follow the operation instructions.

Maintenance of impact test cryogenic tank:
1. Keep the equipment clean. Violent vibration and collision are strictly prohibited. Do not disassemble at will. The inclination during handling shall not be greater than 45 degrees.
2. The equipment shall not be placed close to high temperature or sunlight.
3. The electric control box should be moisture-proof and no liquid should be allowed to enter.
4. Before starting the machine, the ground wire must be properly connected to ensure safety; the power plug must be firmly plugged in to prevent the compressor from burning down due to instantaneous shutdown caused by looseness.
5. In case of shutdown caused by power failure or fault, the time interval between restart must be more than 30 minutes; when the room temperature exceeds 25 ℃, the time interval of restart must be more than 60 minutes.
6. If the compressor fails to start up, works intermittently or stops suddenly after working for a period of time, please shut down immediately. First, check whether the power supply voltage is between 220 V and 240 v. if not, please repair the grid voltage or configure AC voltage regulator to make it reach the normal working voltage value of the instrument.
7. Next, attention should be paid to the ambient temperature. The cryogenic tank is recommended to be used at the ambient temperature below 25 ℃, because the ambient temperature is too high, which makes the pressure in the compressor system too high. If the grid capacity is insufficient or the voltage is low, it is difficult to start at this time, and the interval between two starts is much longer.
8. The sample put into the cooling tank should be wiped clean, and foreign matters such as iron chips should not be brought into the cooling tank to avoid blocking the circulation pipeline.
9. Before reuse, the quality of cooling medium in the tank should be checked. The appropriate cooling medium quality should cover the evaporator copper tube (otherwise, the evaporator is prone to frost, which will increase the water content of the cooling medium) and reach the height of the upper mouth of the stirring cycle (otherwise the circulation is not smooth). If the use temperature is low, please pay attention to the volume change of the cooling medium caused by the temperature, and replenish the cooling medium in time
10. After each use, the cooling medium should be discharged.
11. The cooling medium should be replaced regularly to reduce the impurity content and water content as much as possible, otherwise the refrigeration effect and temperature accuracy will be affected due to poor circulation.
12. When pressing the "power" switch, make sure that the cooling tank is filled with cooling medium, and it is not allowed to take the temperature sensor out of the cooling tank.
13. In case of equipment failure, contact the company in time.
Operation steps of impact test cryogenic tank:
1. Place the sample with processed notch and cleaned in order in the sample basket, and then put it into the cooling tank.
2. Check whether the tap of recovery medium at the lower part of the tank is at the closed position, and add appropriate amount of cooling medium (generally more than 95% absolute ethanol) into the cooling tank until it is completely immersed in the circulating copper tube and sample tank. Close the upper cover of the cooling tank.
3. Confirm that the power supply is safe under the specified voltage and grounding, and plug in the 220 V power supply.
4. Press the power switch and the power indicator will be on.
5. Set the low temperature according to the test requirements. Turn on the refrigeration, mixing and alarm buttons in turn.
6. When the temperature is close to the set temperature, the electric control system automatically adjusts the cooling flow to slow down the cooling rate. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the buzzer will sound an alarm. At this time, the sample can be taken out for test.
7. Turn off the "alarm" key to turn off the buzzer.
8. After the test, press the "refrigeration" key on the operation panel to turn off the compressor; press the "mixing" key to close the mixing blade; press the power switch to turn off the power, and the power indicator light is off; unplug the power socket, and the test is completed.
9. The lower part of the tank is not easy to evaporate due to the long cooling time of the cooling medium.

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